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A DIY Guide: How to Install Panel Glide Blinds?

Are you renovating your home to make it look more visually appealing and classy? Instead of buying normal curtains or vertical blinds, you can install panel glide blinds. These are a beautiful, versatile and stylish shading option if you have large windows, sliding doors and bi fold doors at home. They give more elegant appeal as compared to curtains and can revamp your entire house.

The only similarity panel glide blinds have to vertical blinds and curtains is that they slide across tracks fitted over sliding doors and huge windows, and stack together against the wall or within the door or window cavity. This allows full access to the door opening while letting you enjoy full natural light inside your abode in Melbourne.

The best part is that they offer complete as well as partial privacy, temperature and light control if installed properly. You can either hire a good window furnishing company in Melbourne or do it yourself with the help of the following tips:

1. Arrange the Necessary Tools

Make sure you arrange the following tools when installing your panel glide blinds. You will need:

A Cordless drill machine


Metal Tape Measure

2. Prepare in Advance

This is an important step that will prevent you from doing unnecessary mistakes. Keep these tips in mind:

Check all the above fixing parts before assembling the loose parts.

Contact the blind and curtain Company if you have missed something important.

Make sure the blind is mounted level for right posture.

3. Find out the Perfect Fitting Location

Before starting the installation process, find out the proper fitting location for you window. However, you can also install wood blinds to bring natural light to your dining room.

4. Attach the Mounting Brackets

Start the process by mounting brackets onto the mounting surface. This could be anything, from your window architrave to your home’s wall.

Fix the edge 1 and 2 to the back of the panel glide location.

Make sure the brackets are fixed in a straight line. This will help you attach the track easily

Keep the end brackets 50mm in from the edge of the architrave and leave gap evenly across the window.

Make sure the height of your bracket is at the height that you measures for your order

Pre drill 2 holes before fixing the brackets with screws.

5. Position the Track

It is good to take assistance from your friend or spouse to hold the blind in position if you have large blinds.

Lift the track into place and make sure it is evenly placed across your windows

Insert the back of the bracket on the top into the groove at the rear of the track

Lift the front of the track up and click into place.

6. Attach The Panels

Keep the following tips in mind:

Fold the top of your panel width along with the plastic sheet

Unscrew the end cap on the relevant top rail

Do not forget to insert the folded section of your blind at the top of a rail.

Change the top rail end cap

Attach each glide panel to the Velcro strip under the blind track gliders

Carefully attach each glide panel to the Velcro strip pre-fitted under the blind track gliders.

It is good to hire a reliable window furnishing company in Melbourne to install panel glide blinds.

7. Joining Tracks

Remove the joiner cover plate and make sure you discard responsibly.

Push the male and female end of the blind track by putting it on a flat surface.

Insert the lock screws into the visible pre-drilled holes.

Make sure the joined track is not flexed when installing the mounting brackets.

8. Child Safe Control Wand

Attach the wands to both ends of your tracks Slowly push or pull the wand to open and close the blinds easily.

How to Clean Dirty Panel Glide Blinds?

It is important to clean all types of window coverings to remove accumulated dust, dirt and grime. Read the manufacturer’s guidelines before getting into the cleaning process. However, the panel glide blinds need regular cleaning as compared to other types of window blinds. Use a sponge to spruce up the glide blinds.


Keep these installation tips in mind if your are installing panel glide blinds and make your house look beautiful.

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